input signal problems

I’m using version 2.03 with Windows 8. Whenever I try to record, I get an input signal registering about 30 % on the vu meters. I’ve checked connections and signal paths with no results. I also use another multitrack program and I’m not having this problem. It seems to work fine. I’ve checked cables in and out of my mixer, my patch panel, all the outboard components and my updated sound card settings. It seems to be in the Audacity program itself. Are there any recommendations you can give me? Maybe the sound card settings are off? I like this program and use it whenever I can, but this is driving me nuts. I didn’t have this problem with the previous programs and Windows XP.

What is the computer exactly and how are you getting between your external sound services and the computer? I mean exactly how. Tape out of the mixer or balanced to unbalanced adapter to the Stereo Line-In of the computer?

Are you absolutely sure you’re recording from your actual physical device like Line-In and not one of the magic, made-up devices like Stereo-Mix? That will really screw up sound levels. Set the device in Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording > Device.

My silly joke is record from something you can actually touch, not a software driver or internal pathway generator.

Do you have the recording volume control on the Audacity front all the way up?

I also use another multitrack program

Like what?
Please don’t fall into bouquets of metaphors. We have to build your system in our heads and it’s difficult to do with fuzzy words like “Another Program.”