Input signal comes and goes

Hello there.
I’ve purchased a USB cassete capture, but haven’t been able to use it yet. My problem is that the input signal appears and disappears constantly. I’ve replaced the cable, inserted batteries in the device, but nothing changes. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

Sigh. Another $40 cheapo cassette-to-USB converter, right? I’ll bet it shows up as “PnP Audio Device” or similar.

Lots of Mac users have trouble with those things and we’ve never been able to come up with a solution.

The only advice is to buy something like the Behringer UCA-222 and a cable to connect from the headphone output of the cassette to the Behringer (or whatever audio-USB interface device you decide to buy).

– Bill

Is the analog (or headphone) output OK?

Is the analog (or headphone) output OK?

Does it have an analog or headphone output?

These things have a philosophy problem. You’re not buying it so you can leave it to your grandchildren. You’re buying it so you can transfer the last tape and put everything in the trash.

Sometimes these players die a little too soon.

Can you get a refund/exchange?


Thank you all for you replies. I do have a fine signal on my headphone.
billw58 mentioned frequent problems with Mac users, which is my case.
Will it work on a windows laptop?

Those devices are supposed to work on any computer, though we get reports of the same kind of problems with them on Windows, Mac and Linux.
If you have access to a Windows machine, then you could certainly try it, though I would expect the same or similar problem.