Input Selection For Recording

Have problem trying to record audio either when streaming or when playing audio files through media player. When I hit the RECORD button, program starts to run but no data is actually recorded and the amplitude stays at zero. I presume this is because of incorrect INPUT selection.

For Host selection I have two options- MME or WindowsDirectSound
Depending on which one of the two I select, I have different options for audio output and input. I have tried “Sound Mapper” and “Sound Capture” options. Recording fails irrespective of which host I choose. Other options pertain to hardware such as microphone and speaker. Since I am not feeding in audio, I assume that those are not relevant options.

I have, for long, used Audacity on a different computer where the menu has many more options to choose from and I was able to use one that worked for streaming/playback. I presume the pull-down menu in Audacity is derived from the hardware present in the computer.

Related Information
Audacity version 2.0.1
Computer - Thinkpad T520 running Windows 7; audio specifications for this computer - “High Definition (HD) Audio, Conexant 20672 codec/stereo speakers, 1Wx2,
volume up, down, mute buttons/dual array mic, mic mute button, combo
audio/mic jack”

Would appreciate if anybody can help me with this issue.

Not all computers can do that without special software… It depends on your soundcard driver & operating system. If you have the choice of “Stereo Mix” or “What-U-Hear”, those options should work.

If you don’t have those options (and if they can’t be enabled or un-hidden on your system), you may have to use a program like [u]Total Recorder[/u] (which has it’s own virtual driver). Or, if you have a desktop system (with a soundcard that has a line-input), you can connect a cable beetween the line/speaker output and the line-input. You can then simply record from the line-input. If you want to hear what you are recording, you’ll need a Y-Adapter so that you can connect speakers/headphones at the same time.

[u]Here’s[/u] is some more information.

Thanks for the note, DVDdoug.
You are pretty much confirming that what I have found is the truth! Yes, I have been able to record using hard-wired connections but I was just trying to avoid unnecessary signal corruption. As I mentioned, I have also been able to record directly on a desk-top with a more suitable sound card, which gives me many more options to choose input from. But as the link your provided indicates, direct recording is more likely only with older computers such as the one I have had success with.
Thanks again for your reivew