input recoding levels

hope somebody can help…
i use 1.3 beta and have had no problems up until now . i stream music to put on my phone to listen while on my bike ,anyway.

today when i start to record the the right recording channel has hardly any volume being recorded . whilst the left has full volume .
i stopped the streaming and tested a mp3 via windows media player and had the same result.

i presumed that the set up of my sound card had changed so i looked and its all as it was. balance input and output = centre

is there a balance control on audacity that i have not seen??

last week when i used it both input level monitors were more or less equally bouncing away
likewise with the wave form graphs that are produced!!

cheers again mike

<<<is there a balance control on audacity that i have not seen?? >>>

No, but there are balance controls on the Windows Control Panels. You’re not clear how you’re getting the sound into the computer, but if you’re using the sound card and mechanical patch cables, pull each cable out, clean with glass cleaner or vodka and a paper towel and firmly plug them back in.


im streaming the music via a local internet radio station straight into my computer. so there are no phono or patch cables involved, only internet cable
cheers mike

About two thirds of the way down this page, there is a picture of the Windows Control Panel. Note the balance controls – and you’re going through two of them.


hello yes all sliders are centred / equal

im stuck
cheers again
m west

Do all streams fail? If you try to record the track from a YouTube video, is that left-only, too?

Here’s a six second clip from my web site. Guaranteed in Stereo. Most browsers try to play it in real time. Can you capture that?