Input option for recording dj set

Aloha, all. I’m trying to record my dj set to my Mac. But in Audacity, the only option for in-put I get is built-in mic, there is not a built-in input. Anyone know how to change that? I see other people on YouTube have the option of built-in input in their Audacity. Don’t know why I don’t…

If the computer does not have “line-in” socket(s) , you’ll need a gadget which plugs into the USB socket,
the gadget has “line-in” sockets on it, e.g. …®_UCA202_Stereo_bidirectional_USB_Soundcard

The newer Macs don’t come with a stereo connection (the one on the left).

I bought a new, older model MacBook Pro specifically to get that connection. The MacBook Air is stuck with one of my UCA-202s or equivalent.

Be careful not to fall for one of these things.

Stereo Audio Adapter Converter!!!
Sounds great, right?
That’s a headset sound adapter and it won’t record stereo, either.


You didn’t say which Mac you had, some of them can switch connections in software. The older 13" MBP can switch one connection between microphone and stereo line and change direction.

Apple (upper left) > System Preferences > Sound.

That’s the basic panel that allows you to do switching and adjustments. If you have no switching or adjustments, See: UCA-202.


Thanks Koz, I have an iMac El Capitan 10.11.4 and a new MacBook Pro. I tried with both. I know about changing the audio path in system preferences–>sound but still there is only one option which is the built-in mic. I do have an audio interface though, I wonder if I could plug in the RCA cord from my mixer to the audio interface and then plug the USB from that to the computer and record that way… I will try that next!

I do have an audio interface though,

Don’t keep it a secret. Model numbers or names or web page references are good.

I have two versions of USB Audio Interface. One works in good quality stereo and one doesn’t, and the instructions aren’t always clear.