input level

hi again!
How can I fix the decibels of the incoming signal to not exceed -6 dbfs ? when i record my voice , in the treble i don’t get a good result
i have win 7 professional
audacity 2.0.6 downloaded with file exe

It’s not important to “hit” -6dB with your voice. It’s important that your voice average peaks are around -6. In the latest Audacity, there is a color change to yellow in the sound meter when your voice is approximately correct.

The Audacity download seems to be scrambled right now…


i tried to download the last version but when i press play to listen my voice recorded or a mp3 file i can hear only a big version 2.0.6 there isn’t this problem

Try choosing the correct playback device in Device Toolbar and make sure all the device cables are tight.

Say what your playback and recording devices are (make and model numbers) if that does not help.