input level too high at .01

Hi.I am using version 2.0.5. I am trying to record from my turntable (an old turntable, not USB). I first had the sound coming from my amplifier using a cable adapter to go from RCA outputs to my mic input on my laptop. Even if I put the input level at .01 the levels were peaking at the limit (i.e. 0) and there was distortion. So now I tried just using the pre-amp in the turntable and going directly form the turntable RCAs into the mic jack. Same thing. Is there any way to mute the inputlevel, is there any kind of filter I can use? Thanks.

The mic input is for that - mics that require amplification. You don’t want amplification as your signal is already amplified. Also mic inputs are usually mono.

If your computer does not have a blue line-in, or a way to set the mic input to line level stereo, buy a USB audio device that has a line level input. See: .


Thanks. I will look into that.