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I am trying to imput music from you tube…the older version had a setting called “What You Hear”…How do I record on 2.1?
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“What U Hear” is a setting that is specific the Creative Labs (SoundBlaster) sound cards. Some other sound cards have an option called “Stereo Mix” which is the same thing but different name. There’s an article that explains ho to enable this sound card feature if it is available on your computer, and suggests some workarounds if your computer does not have that feature. See here:

Particularly in Win7, there are more and more computers that just don’t have that service at all and you have to add software or hardware to get it to work. Koz

Not always though. I just bought a new Toshiba laptop (Realtek soundcard onboard) running Windows 7 Home Premium - and with some fiddling and careful reading of the Wiki I managed to set it up for recording streaming audio. I even managed this on Mrs. Waxcylinder’s mini-laptop/netbook running W7 - however on her bigger laptop it totally stumped me (so she went out and bought the TotalRecorder software, which works well for her captures).