Input File bit/sample rate?

I want to bounce a session to disk using Pro Tools and then process the resulting wav file via Audacity (because my old version of Pro Tools can’t increase tempo without changing pitch - also I’m using Audacity’s Amplify plug-in). To ensure that Audacity processes with the fewest artifacts, should I

  • bounce the project at the same bitrate/sample rate as the session, or
  • bounce (i.e. export from Pro Tools) at a higher sample rate (e.g. 88.2 for a 44.1 session), or
  • other suggestion?
    I’m wondering if upsampling would make things better - or possibly make them worse.


win 10
aud 2.1.3

Converting the sample rate will theoretically reduce the sound quality, but if both the old and new sample rates are at least 44100, the practical difference will be negligible.