Input devices [SOLVED]

I access the Edit list to find" Preferences", but could not find how to use my Griffin iMic transfer device. Griffin says it will work in my system- a Toshiba satellite laptop running Win8.1. I need to transfer audio cassette tape recordings to convert to digital and thus write to CD.

As I have stated i use Win8.1 on a Toshiba laptop. Using Audacity 2 – latest edition, downloaded from Audacity website via Google. Any chance of my problem being resolved?

Have a look in the Windows Sound Control Panel. Is the iMic shown as a recording device? Is it enabled and the recording level turned up? Does the meter in control panel show that the computer is receiving an audio signal from the iMic?

There is no “Audacity 2” or “2 --” version supplied by us. If you search for Audacity on Google please be sure to go to (where you can get the latest 2.0.5 version).

If you click on a sponsored search advertisement for Audacity you may harm your computer because most such advertisements are for products containing malware or spyware that are not made by us.


Am using the new 2.0.6 version. iMic is recognised by Win8. Connection is from a Sony Walkman but now stuck. I am not a computer genius but not a nerd. Can you explain in words (non-technical) of one syllable exactly how to start transferring my audio cassette into Audacity?

We can’t help you unless you provide words to say where exactly you are stuck. The basic idea is to connect a cable from headphones out of Walkman to “In” of iMic, move the iMic switch to “Line”, connect the iMic to an empty USB port on the computer, set Windows to record the iMic in stereo, launch Audacity, then select the USB Codec for iMic in the “Recording Device” (third) box in Device Toolbar .

This page and the links at the bottom of it show you what you have to do: Audacity Manual .


Connected up as advised, but when I start the Walkman, although there is a time scale et up, but NO SOUND! Not sure what you mean by “launch Audacity” Sorry to appear such a twat but I used to use an Apple iMac and a site called “Final Vinyl” with the iMic device and that was simple to operate, but not doing so well with Audacity - Is there
any hope?

Have you read Audacity Manual ? If not, please do so.

Have you selected the USB Codec for iMic in the “Recording Device” (third) box in Device Toolbar?

If by “no sound” you mean that you can’t hear while recording, enable Transport > Software Playthrough at the top of the Audacity window.

If you record tall blue waves but cannot hear the waves when you play, make sure “Playback Device” (the second box in Device Toolbar) is set to the same device you are trying to listen to. For example, if you want to listen in the built-in computer speakers, set the “Playback Device” to that speakers device.


Thx-will give it a whirl.

I have to admit being a dweeb, but on checking the audio cassette it was found to be messed up and wouldn’t play. Have replaced it and did manage to record 80 minutes worth of music and have downloaded the Manual on transfer to CD.Am a bit unsure as how to exactly save the file.

Well done. :slight_smile:

Do you mean save the Manual or save the recording for transfer to CD?

If you installed 2.0.6 from the EXE installer, the Manual is already installed. Just click Help > Manual (in web browser) top right of Audacity. Otherwise, you need to unzip the Manual. See Audacity Manual.

You should export 44100 Hz stereo WAV for the CD, and tell the CD burner to burn an “audio CD” or “music CD”. Have a read of this if you have not done so yet Tutorial - Burning music files to a CD - Audacity Manual.


Saving file and naming a problem.

I still don’t know if you are talking about the Manual or a WAV file for CD, but please try the information or Tutorial above and let us know full details of any specific problems you have.


Somehow I don’t see the system clock and thus unable to right click to check Recording Devices leading to a check on USB Audio codes. I almost completed a recording by following your advice but when exported to copy to a CD it got to 99% and said there was a problem. Any ideas.

Just a quick PS – do I have to reset all the settings each time I click “New” for a new recording.

Yes, you could describe the issue with more words so as to give enough detail for us to know what you are asking.

It’s the system clock at the other end of the Windows Taskbar.


Audacity keeps all its settings if you click “New” to open a new project window.

If you want to record a new track or side in the same project window, you only need to click “Record”.


That part is a little odd. Audacity doesn’t “save” sound files. To get a sound file you have to Export one. Use WAV export if you want to make an Audio CD.

Scroll down to the tutorials. There are hints to split your transfer up into individual songs, too.


After saving and exporting a wav file to win media player a burn results in a disc (Verbatim CD-R) that won’t play in a BOSE CD player "Form unsupported