input device settings/sample rate

I am new to this software.
I am using windows 7. I have downloaded 2.0.5 Audacity.
I am trying to record audio from my Yamaha mox8 to wave form with Audacity.
I am following the directions in this link.

It shows that you can input audio by running a cable out of headphone jack and into mic input on computer.

I keep getting this error…

input device settings/sample rate

I know my speakers and sound card are fine?
Any suggestions
Thanks Dan

While that may work on some computers, it often produces exceptionally bad quality sound (distorted) in mono. The reason being that a headphone socket puts out a big stereo signal for driving headphones, but a “microphone” input is expecting a tiny mono signal from a microphone. On some laptops the “mic” input is dual purpose and can also be used as a “line level” stereo input but that is not guaranteed. On full size computers there is often a separate “stereo line input” socket - you should use that and not the “mic” input.

Is that the full message?

What do you have set in the device toolbar and what are the other available options?

input device settings/sample rate

That error message is probably misleading… It’s probably not a sample rate issue. It’s more likely to be a configuration or driver issue.

It looks like your keyboard has “main” line-outputs (for connection to an amplifier). Line-out on the keyboard to line-in on your soundcard is an ideal match. Headphone-out to line-in is almost a perfect match.

Or, if you have a laptop with no line-in and you want high-quality recordings, the USB port on your keyboard can be used for audio or MIDI. (Audacity does not support MIDI, but it will work with any USB soundcard/audio device that has Windows drivers.)

It’s probably “Error opening sound device”. See : Audacity Manual .

If you get that error recording audio from the keyboard over the USB cable, make sure the cable is tight both ends, then choose Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.