input clipped and distorted

Hi. I’ve got wonderful windows 8 and I have the latest rev of Audacity.
My problem is that even though the recording level monitor shows I have headroom under the max, the waves in the audio track graphics bottom or top max out.
There are no spikes at the top or bottom, the forms are flat.
The recordings are distorted.
I’m doing everything the same way I did with windows XP and an earlier version of Audacity. Something’s changed. I do have a different computer now.
Any help would be welcome. Thanks…

My guess is that you are clipping at the sound card input. What are you recording? A high level input such as an MP3 player or keyboard plugged into a microphone input is likely to clip because a microphone input is expecting a tiny microphone level signal. It may also be due to the recording level being too high in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m trying to record unamplified tape deck signal, which used to work fine with XP and an earlier Audacity.
I’m going to look into the suggestion you made about the sound control panel.