Input Channel Select Audio Recording FA-66

Running Audacity 2.0.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.8, installed from dmg file: my Edirol FA-66 shows as an input device with six channels. The problem is my turntable is connected to channels #3 and #4 (left - right). If I select the stereo input, I get no sound because nothing is connected to channels #1 and #2. I can select either channel #3 or #4 and get sound recorded, but not BOTH #3 AND #4.

Channels #1 and #2 are designed for instruments, Numbers 3 and 4 are for high level signals. I really would like to use them at the same time for stereo recording.

Dig into Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound and see what you have there. Audacity will be able to see whatever appears.

If there is a software package for Macs, you should should load it and see if that helps. Audacity will manage up to 16 tracks of sound if it’s presented correctly. Most devices present sound in groups of stereo pairs and Audacity will only see one of those at a time.

Audacity does not support ASIO software, so if the devices uses that, there’s not much chance.


Oh. One more. Go > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup and see if there’s anything you can do in there. That’s a good place to manage sound channels not covered in the System. Koz