Input Channel question

I have Audacity 2.0.2 on Windows XP. I am transferring music from my SONY mini-disc player MZ-R50 with a patch cord from outlet port of disc player to microphone inlet jack on computer. What input channel on my audacity player should i use–the mono or stereo selection.

Assuming these are stereo songs, choose stereo. If they are mono songs, choose mono.

If your computer has an S/PDIF input you will avoid loss of quality by connecting from digital out of your player to S/PDIF in of computer using a coaxial or TOSLINK cable as specified in the player manual.


…to microphone inlet jack on computer.

The audio output on your MiniDisc player is line-level. (The line-input on most soundcards is color-coded blue.) If you want good quality, DO NOT use a microphone input!!! If you have laptop and that’s your only choice, get an interface with a digital S/PDIF input, or something like the [u]Behringer UCA202[/u] with a line-level input.

Try and find one of these:

They are no longer manufactured but there are still some available in online shops. They have a digital oprtical minijack input. I know it works cos that’s how I transferred my MiniDiscs :slight_smile: