Input audio drops in multi-track overdubing

Hey folks,
sorry for bother you. I tried to record in multi-track and i have no problem with the first track i recorded. when i try to record the second track it appens that when there is silence in 1st the volume input in the 2nd one is ok. if there is something in the 1st the volume input in the 2nd one drops. I hope you get what i mean.

I’m using a laptop with a realtek HD audio and i tried to record via the int mic. i’m using Win 7 and Audacity v 2.0.5.
Before you ask i can tell you that i turned of win enhanchement.

thanks in advance

What is the “int mic” - internal microphone?

Does the Audacity input slider move itself down if there is an audible sound in the first track when you record?

What are you recording - Skype? To record Skype, we recommend using an appropriate program meant to record Skype rather than Audacity. Turn Skype off in any case - it could be the cause of your issue.

Have you opened Windows Sound, clicked the main Communications tab, then under “When Windows detects communications activity:”, chosen “Do nothing”?


i’m sorry for bad english. I’m trying to record my voice with the front microphone, i didn’t have skype or anything else turn on, i have disabled the “comunication detection”.

No problem.

Audacity is not the cause of your issue. You can’t expect much with a built-in sound device that costs a few dollars to make.

Do you have up-to-date drivers for the Realtek sound device, supplied by the laptop maker, and meant for Windows 7? If you have 64-bit Windows 7, they need to be 64-bit drivers. See: .

If the problem persists and the laptop is in warranty, ask the manufacturer to fund a USB sound card.


Also if you don’t need Transport > Software Playthrough on so as to hear what you are recording, turn it off. It may make it easier for the sound device.


Drivers are OK and the playthrought is off. I still don’t get why if I try to record 1 single track I don’t have any issue, it only happens while I try to overdub

We can’t see your computer. Spend some money on a proper sound device.