Initial window dimensions

I am using 2.1.2 on Win 7 64 bit via the .exe installer. Just a small point here, but in the previous version of Audacity, 2.1.1, the main window always used to open at the dimensions I had closed it at, and always work in, but with 2.1.2 it opens to standard dimensions and I have to resize it each time. Is there a setting for this?

There’s a bug logged for Audacity on Linux, but quite possibly on Windows too, that crept in when the version of wxWidgets was updated. It has been fixed in the current alpha code, so it should be fixed in the next release. If it’s any use to you, if Audacity is maximised when you exit Audacity, it should be maximised when you next launch Audacity.

Which bug number is that, Steve?

We made an incomplete bug fix prior to 2.1.2 so that if any part of the Audacity window was off the monitor when Audacity was closed, Audacity would reopen at default size and placement. This was to fix a greater issue where if any part of Audacity was closed off the monitor, Audacity would reopen at a size too small to work in.

So if your monitor is maladjusted, or you like to drag one edge of Audacity very close to the edge of the monitor, you may very likely reopen at default size and placement next time. This is still the case on Windows in 2.1.3-alpha. I agree maximising, if you want that, prevents the problem.



From the description given, 1099 was “apparently” fixed and then broke again two months later, at which point your created which is the bug I recalled.

Bug 1243 “Audacity may open with too small width/height when not maximised on previous close” is undoubtedly fixed as stated, but it was an incomplete or rather “less than ideal” fix as we see from the report here and the bug comments.

Bug 1099 is thus theoretically only fixed in so far as the window size and position is restored if fully on screen. If fractionally not so, then we force the default. On my netbook 1024*600 with Ubuntu 14.04 (Gnome/Unity) the bug isn’t fixed - if I close 2.1.3-alpha non-maximised but fully on screen, it reopens maximised. I don’t know if that is because my netbook screen height is below minimum supported height of 800 px- I would have to try it on a supported monitor size. But 2.1.1 reopens at the on-screen size I closed it at.


I like to have the window stretched out to the full width of my monitor but at the bottom of the screen. With 2.1.1 it used to open like this, now it always opens at a standard size. When is this bug likely to be fixed?

Are you then autohiding the Windows Taskbar, or do you have it at the top of the monitor?

I suspect the issue could be worked around by using maximise. Or maxmise, and then adjust downwards from the top, depending on what you want. It could be that your manual resize to what looks like full width is going outside the monitor width and so triggering the problem.