Information dialogs interrupt and stop entire chains


I have a large library of music on my PC that I then put on my phone. I like to mitigate differences in volume, so I use another software to increase the gain and then I use Audacity to remove the clipping from the files. I created a chain for this, and it works great. However, sometimes a file will not have any clipping in it, and this causes a dialog to appear saying something along the lines of “Algorithm had no effect on this file” and it stops the entire chain, even if the file isn’t the last one. So I could try to apply the chain to an entire album, the whole thing will stop if, for example, the first track requires no clipping removal, even though the other ones might.

Is it possible to deactivate this prompt entirely when applying a clipping removal chain to multiple files? It is not necessary for me to know that one file doesn’t need clipping removal, and I have to start the chain over from where the software left off, meaning I can’t start it and leave my computer while it’s doing its thing.

Such a feature would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

For Nyquist plug-ins it should be fairly easy to disable the message. For built-in effects, probably not.
Which effect is giving you the problem?