Inexplicable Audio Issues


My name is Francis and I am an Audacity noob.

I have an issue with an audio file that I would like to rectify with Audacity.

However, I am not able to explain or give a name to the issue.

I don’t know the exact term for the problem so that I could look it up on Google or YouTube.

As audio experts, you may probably be able to clearly understand what the issue is.

I know what a plosive is, the ‘ssss’ sound, background noise, etc.

If I had to explain the current issue, I would say it sounds watery, indistinct, or muddy.

The majority of the audio is fine (I assume); it’s just a few words/phrases that have the issue.

For example, in the opening line of the audio, the phrase “in the world” has the said problem.

The exact issue pops up throughout the audio quite regularly.

Can anyone here tell me what is the exact term for that issue? And how can I correct it with Audacity?

Any help in this regard would be great!

Thank you.

You can post an example of the damage on the forum.

At first pass, it sounds like either compression damage (MP3 problems) or a phone echo cancellation.


Please find attached the audio file.
I have not imported it to Audacity yet.
It’s a WAV file.
Sorry, I forgot to attach it to my original text.
Thank you.