Inexpensive USB 4-input device?

I’m a new audacity user and am looking for an inexpensive 4-track recorder with four inputs to record 4 tracks simultaneously. If that’s a bit redundant… it’s just because I’m trying to be clear. Any recommendations? I’ll be using it to record electric and acoustic instruments and drums. It doesn’t have to be fancy at all, it just has to have four inputs for simultaneous track recording.

I’ve not tried any of these:
Yamaha Audiogram 6 USB
ESI Maya 44 USB

I bought Audiogram 6 in June 09. It includes Cubase AI.
Audiogram 6 seems to be a good material.
Cubase seems to be a good Software.
But to make both working correctly together, it is just a nightmare…
Now I am beginning trying to get it working with Audacity… For the time beeing it is not yet ok.