Ineed the lamen or basic instructions 2 getting started Help

I am so retarted with this whole starting on here. I still have to finish getting the beat with the 2nd part of what I have written, but I can only get to recording the song. Not finding how to put the sound of instruments to it. Does that make sense? Can anyone help me understand how to get the music to what I record? A total retarded beginner to Audacity, can you help me understand please?

You are trying to do overdubbing or sound-on-sound? Play one track and then add another instrument and then another?

One of the first steps in the overdubbing tutorial is getting Audacity to do a straight recording, if you got it that far, then the rest is wrestling the hardware to behave.

You are warned that “perfect overdubbing,” hearing yourself and the tracks in your headphones can require special hardware, but simple overdubbing on a machine that’s up to it isn’t that hard. Your computer has to have enough power to record and play at the same time. If your recordings start having odd problems or echoes or dropouts, maybe your computer isn’t up to it.


Overdubbing, what is that? I just wanted to see if after I record my song that magically the instrumental part will show up. Well with help by putting it there, I think? My friend Eddy said that it should be able to help me get the instrumental part but I don’t know how to get it on here or like where to go to make the option stick. Does that make sense? I’m so sorry for the confusing questions but of course it’s coming from a confused indivisual who doesn’t know how to play any instruments.

Record one track, then play and listen to the first track while recording the next one.

Show up where? Do you have a file like MP3 or WAV that has the instrumental you want? If so, use File > Import > Audio… in Audacity and choose the instrumental.


No I have nothing. Just the singing that has way that I had came up with? Ugh sorry if I’m so confusing. It’s so frustrating to me that sometimes I cannot get the right words out. I guess I mean beat in my head(something like that) So Eddy suggested that Audacity might be able to help with that, putting some kind of instrument in it or sumin like that. Does that answer your question? Again I really appreciate you getting back to me as you have. Cuz again I am a lost puppy with this stuff. I’ve looked at virtual world but if you don’t know how to play how can you use that world ya know.

Audacity doesn’t create instruments.

Normally you would find an instrumental WAV file, and sing an appropriate song to the beat of that instrumental using overdub. Then you don’t have to adjust the beat of the instrumental to the beat of what you’ve already sung.