Individual Tracks in One Export

I think I have asked about this before, but I’m not sure. I have a short concert that I have transferred to mp3. I want to put the concert on cd, but with individual tracks and without any gaps, pauses, or clicks in between the tracks. Is there any way to do this? I used Audacity a LONG time ago and I vaguely remeber being able to put track markers in the import and export it that way. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do it again. I hate to ask this on here, but if it’s not something that can be done on Audacity, does anybody know of another free software that will do this? I’d also like to put some of my DVD concerts on CD the same way. Any help would be appreciated!

The “easy way” is to make one-big WAV file and then use a Cue Sheet with your burning software to set the track markers.

…I’ve done this with several concert videos.

I’m not sure if all burning applications support cue sheets. I use ImgBurn.

I start with a known-good example (or a previous cue sheet) and edit it with Windows Notepad.

It’s better to avoid MP3 (lossy compression) since audio CDs are lossless and uncompressed. But if you are stuck with lossy originals you don’t have a choice.

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