individual songs on CD

Hi, My question is when I record a cassette tape to Audacity and then burn it to a cd I must be doing something wrong. The problem I am having is when I play the cd I can’t skip from one song to another I must listen to the whole cd. Is there any way I can correct this on Audacity?
Thank You

You need to export each song as separate audio files, then use your CD burning software to compile the tracks onto a CD.
There is a detailed tutorial about how to do this in this part of the manual:
and this section is about splitting a long recording into separate files:

In this case, I’d do what Steve suggests and make individual tracks. You’ll also want individual tracks if you want to make MP3s.

Just FYI - There is an alternative. You can use a [u]Cue Sheet[/u] to tell your burning software where to put the track markers. You can create a cue sheet with notepad. Usually, I copy the example and edit it, or edit an existing cue sheet that I already have.

A cue sheet can also be used to place track markers on a “live” CD where there are no gaps between songs.

Thanks for all your help everyone!