Indicators of magnification

I’m editing out intermittent coughs during a lecture and frequently using Cmd-1 to enlarge and Cmd-3 to reduce.

Is there a visual indicator on screen showing the current level of magnification?

Is there a short cut to jump back the previous level of magnification?


Sorry, no indicators and no “return to previous magnification”.

However you could try command-mouse-wheel to zoom in and out (or command-one-finger-swipe on the magic mouse). It takes some getting used to but can be quite powerful.

Also, don’t miss CMD-F (fit project to window), CMD-E (fit selection to window), and CMD-2 (zoom “normal”)


– Bill

Look at the Timeline

There IS a great convenience for zooming in to fix something, then zooming out to a previous level of magnification!

The Edit menu has “Region Save” and “Region Restore.” I use Edit, Preferences, Keyboard to assign them to the w and e keys.


Select a section.
Type w.
Zoom in and fix something.
Type e, space, control-e (this has become a quick practiced motion for me).

So e restores the selection to what it was when you typed w. It does not fit the view to the selection, but ctrl-e with default key bindings does that. And I often type space between, to start playing the selection again before the view adjustment.