independent tracks with presonus board

I am using a presonus board. How do I assign independent tracks in Audacity when recording? Can I record my vocal and my guitar independently while recording?

Which one?

You want to sing and play at the same time, right? If you have a stereo interface with mic and instrument inputs you can simply plug a microphone into one channel and the guitar into the other and record in stereo (voice on the left and guitar on the right, or vice-versa).

…I’m assuming it’s an electric guitar and you are recording direct.

Later, you can split the stereo track to make two mono tacks or mix/blend/pan the tracks as desired.

You’ll need to monitor with headphones, and the mic will probably pick-up some guitar sound directly from the strings or leakage from the headphones. If you find it awkward to monitor your voice in one ear and the guitar in the other, or if you get latency (delay) problems, you may want to set-up a separate little mixer just for monitoring. Or, you may want to record the vocal and guitar separately.