Increasing Volume

How do we increase the volume on an audio file that already exists?

We have files that we grabbed off the web, but we want to increase their volume. Does anyone know how to do this?


Marty Lee Parker

What kind of computer do you have? We can’t tell from where you posted. If you’re on a Mac, you can open up the file in QuickTime > Apple-I and it will tell you what kind of music file it is. If it’s not an MP3 or WAV, you will need to convert the files(s) so Audacity can read them.


Thanks for responding.

We are not using a mac.

We can open the files. Once we open the files, any thoughts on how we can take the file that is there and increase the volume on it…so we can record it again at a higher volume…

it plays at one volume… in a device we created, the device doesn’t have a volume… so we want to take the voice file and make it louder when we put it back into our LLD. (

any thoughts?


Select the audio in Audacity (CTRL+A will select the whole project) and use Effect > Amplify.

For more sophisticated varying of amplitude you can use the Envelope tool.