Increasing volume in near silent sections

I just downloaded he program have zero experience in audio programs, I recorded some questions on my iPhone left some time waiting for a reply. Then asked something else. I uploaded the file to google drive and opened it in audacity but I don’t know what to do next! I need to increase the volume in the spaces when I am not speaking to see if I got a reply. Can someone please help me?
Help would be greatly appreciated, also if I could improve the quality of sound on those spaces.
Thank you in advance.
Sorry for the stupid question

If you want to do it automatically on the whole file, try Compressor or Steve’s simpler Level speech plugin. Please see here how to install Steve’s plugin:

Or simply click and drag over one of the quiet parts and Effect > Amplify… . The default is to make the selection as loud as possible without distortion. Using this approach will sound very un-natural over the whole file.


Hank you so much for your answer.
Even to the. Naked ear there is a sort of humming sound, can that just be a microphone thing?

An iPhone is not a professional recording device.

You may be able to get rid of humming with Noise reduction but do that before compression or levelling.