Increasing tempo but same pitch

Hi, I’ve recorded several tracks successfully but would really like to increase the tempo without affecting the pitch of all instruments. There is an ‘effect’ on the drop box to do this I see, but looks a little complicated for an Audacity beginner like me! Ctrl=A highlights everything which is what I want but the box asks for percentage, time, etc. Any help/advice here would be good. I know I should have set the correct tempo at the start with the click track, but it’s gone way past that moment!

I’m using Audacity 2.3.0 with Windows 10. Thanks

After Ctrl+A, chose “Change tempo” from the effect list …

Change tempo Demo.gif
Try with & without high-quality option selected, the result sounds different.

If you don’t like what an effect has done you can undo it: Ctrl+Z.

Hi, thanks Trebor.
I did what the GIF did and I can see how it works…I think! Moved slider to 102 like in the GIF and it was double speed so I guess I will have to trial and error to get the speed I want? Only need a slight tempo increase so maybe slider up to 10? I’ll try it of course but just wanted to understand what the figures on the slider were? Thx

Do you know the exact speed that you want? For example, do you know what the change in length should be, or the change in bpm should be?

Erm, got to 45 seconds in and some of the tracks were the original speed while others were the slightly faster speed that I set! Not good on the ears! Do you know why this might occur? I did Ctrl+A and check that all tracks were highlighted. :question: Thx

One of the options is typing the Start and End times and let the effect calculate the correction.

You probably need to correct each piece by itself if you have many pieces and some work and some don’t.

Also, Effect > Change Tempo is one of the effects that has to take the song apart and put it back together again. There are times when this process doesn’t sound very good. Effect > Change Speed has much less damage, but that effect changes both tempo and pitch.


Thanks for the suggestion Kosikowski. Did each track individually but seems like 2 of the tracks just wont behave! Same result. Its fine until these 2 tracks appear in the piece late. They are obviously still playing at the original speed. Confusing!

Where would I type in the start and end times? Could try that as one of the last resorts!! Thx

Length (in seconds).


Koz, the length (seconds) auto adjusts when I change the percentage. It wont let me type in a start point and finish. I can type in a finish point but that auto adjusts the percentage.