increasing sound in recorded conversation from smartphone

i recorded a conversation on my lG G2 smart phone using androrec app. the file was saved as an amr file.
the problem is that the sound of the person i talked with is really faint. (i can hear myself very good)
I’m trying to increase the sound of the entire conversation in such a way that it will be easy to hear and understand the other side.
i converted the file to mp3 and tried to pick specific areas of the conversation and increase them but the quality is not good and the background is stronger than the talking.
i am using windows7 pro sp1 64bit and audacity 2.0.6
i am not experienced in manipulating and editing sound so a detailed answer of how it is done would be appreciated.
thank you very much

Smartphone Personal Recorders don’t record the far side. What you’re hearing is the acoustic leakage between the earpiece and the microphone and further, managed to get past the echo cancellation.

We can’t do audio forensics. If you can’t understand the voice now, then there isn’t anything we can do.

You can use a special microphone and a personal recorder to record phone calls.

That’s an Olympus TP-7. The TP-8 works, too. It goes in the ear making the call.

Doesn’t have to be a computer. Any small recorder that accepts computer microphones will work.


koz first of all thank you for your quick reply.
2 things that i would like to clear.
first, when the record is from cellular to cellular the recording quality is quite good. when it is recording cell to telephone it is not.
in the record mentioned in my question it is from cell to telephone.
even if it is just leakage i can hear the other side and understand it. it is just faint.
regarding the forensic note, just to be clear, it is just a prank call we did to a friend and we want to share with the group.
again thank you very much for your reply.
ill be happy to hear more opinions
all the best