Increasing recording length Audacity 2.0.3 and Windows 10

I am trying to record old cassette tapes that have music and voice. these are home made cassette tapes. At 6 to 8 minutes the recording to the computer stops. The tape drive does not stop. I have tried going to mono and reducing resolution to 16 bits, but nothing seems to work. Using windows 10, Audacity 2.0.3, with a purchased ReShow tape deck to USB port for recording the old tapes and installed audacity with the .exe file on a mini CD.

Make sure you have not accidently selected [u]Sound Activated Recording[/u].

And, I suggest you download the current version [u]2.1.3[/u].

If Sound Activated Recording is not the problem, you probably need to “cold boot” the computer. Default “Shut down” reuses the kernel session for quick restart, but USB recording devices fail sooner or later if you never replace the kernel session by cold boot.

To cold boot, click Windows logo, Power button, then hold SHIFT on your computer keyboard and click “Shut Down”.

Also, be sure to plug the USB cable into an empty USB port. Don’t add a USB hub to the USB port then connect to the hub.