Increaseing audio

I am planning to interview a person using Audacity, when testing the application, I can hear the conversation thru the head phones however it’s very low. Is there a way to boost the audio to hear it better with a head phone?


Are you conducting this interview with Skype or some other VoIP software? If so, you would be better to use special VoIP recording software for that such as

MP3 Skype recorder (Windows) (free)

Vemotion (Windows XP/Vista/7, works with almost any
VoIP client, not free)

To record Skype on OS X:
Call Recorder for Skype (records video calls also, not free):

Soundflower (free)

To record Skype on Linux:
Skype Call Recorder (open source, free):

Otherwise if you are using a hardware call adaptor for a regular telephone, turn the input volume up and make sure you are connecting to the correct input on the computer as specified in the manual for the adaptor.


And if all else fails, put your cellphone on “Speaker Phone” and put your laptop built-in microphone half-way between that and you. We had a poster a little earlier that did something similar. He was complaining about quality, and yes, indeed, it would be terrible, but it would be the difference between a performance capture and not.

It doesn’t matter the quality of the film that captured the Hindenburg flame-out.

The more complicated solutions work most of the time, but take a determined user not to get lost and damage a recording.


I will be using Audacity on my laptop to conduct the interview


We believe you. But where is the subject of the interview? In the same room with you? Can you buy them a cup of coffee and have them drink it?

Are they half-way around the world? Both of them are possible, but the tools and problems are very different.