Increase Sound of One Voice

Hi there,

I have Audacity 2.0.2 and I am using a Mac.

edit: I am on version 10.7.4 mac & I downloaded the latest version of Audacity through the zip.

I have used Audacity before (previous versions, always a mac)

I am disappoint.
I just spent an hour recording a podcast on audacity & got great answers, great discussion. However, the interviewee is barely audible. My voice is fine, sounds great.

Is there any way to increase her volume?

Any help is much appreciated.

I just spent an hour recording a podcast on audacity

How? What software were you in when you were recording the interview? iChat? Skype? Vidyo?

If you were using software that provides separate audio channels for incoming and outgoing, then you can easily pick one voice and amplify or apply effects. If the whole show is on one audio track, then no, unless you’re willing to manually select each time the person speaks and apply effects or amplify one word at a time.

Remote interviews are insanely difficult to record.

You might try Chris’s Compressor.

That’s a look-ahead compressor that tries to level out all the voices and sounds in a show – much like a broadcast transmitter does.