inconsistency in out/input signals

I’m using Audacity vers. 3.0.0, and mac os big sur, vers. 11.4.

I’m using an Allen & heath zedi10 as mixer/audio interface. In my current setup I use two mono channels (m1 and m2) to get a stereo signal (for some reason I can’t use the stereo outputs in the zedi with audacity). My audio input has been both a digital piano and a casette player (not at the same time)

My issue is that the ideal sound signal on my mixer gives a too low input signal in Audacity, even though the recording volume in audacity is set at the highest possible (+1).

So, when the maximum peak level in the main mix (on the zedi) is between 0 and +6 this implies a lower maximum peak in the audicity meters, i.e. between -18 and -12. In other words, in order to get the ideal maximum peak signal in audaity (-6), I will have to set the mix to high in the zedi (the meter goes red).

When trying the same in garageband the signals seem to be corresponding better, i.e. maximum peak in the zedi ( between 0 and +6) gives a maximum peak around 0 db.

What can be causing this issue, and is there some settings in audacity I can adjust in order to solve it?


Is the zedi10 using USB to connect to the Mac? If so there is probably nothing you can do to get the recorded signal higher in Audacity. Just apply the Amplify effect after recording - there should be no degradation in the signal-to-noise ratio.
– Bill

Ok, thanks.
Yes, it’s using USB connection. I’m wondering if this a regular issue or if it has something to do with my interface?

Is the Recording Slider at max and greyed out? If so, then there is no recording volume control available. This is typical of USB audio interfaces.

The exception is USB microphones which often have recording level control available.

– Bill

Are you referring to the recording volume in Audacity?
Yes, I’ve set it at its highest (1.00).

Yes, I’m referring to the recording volume. If you’ve set it to max then that is the loudest you’ll get.
– Bill

Lois, two things come to mind. I don’t have either a ZEDi10 or a MAC, so I cannot check this myself, but I believe you are getting 4 channels from your A&H Mixer, so

(1) In the Device Toolbar, try switching between 4 mono channels and 1 stereo channel.

(2) Try increasing the gain on your M1 and M2 channels by the red gain control at the top of the mixer, and lowering your mix level with the red fader at the bottom of the mixer.