Incompatibility Audacity 2.0.5 and Windows Live Movie Maker?

I had succesfully recorded from my cassete player, and played back, some 12 hours of cassete tapes, until last night I used Windows Live Movie Maker to edit a clip, for which I used a microphone. After that, the message began showing in Audacity 2.0.5: “error opening sound device, please check input device and project rate”. I remember that, before putting sound onto my clip, Movie Maker told me through a message that it needed to correct the sound device, and asked whether I wanted to correct it now (then). I clicked on YES. From then on, I cannot record any more into Audacity; instead, I read the error message. I have been reading your postings on this issue tonight, and, from what I have read, all my configuration is correct, even read the “error opening device” link. My Windows is 7 (seven) Home Basic, 6 GB RAM, 1 TB HD. Before my readings, I had unsucessfully removed and reinstalled Audacity, and, after them, I reedited audacity.cfg as you instructed. I am prone to think that Windows Live Movie Maker is the one to blame. I thank you for any guidance.

Exit Movie Maker then shut down and restart the computer.

If you need to run Movie Maker and Audacity at the same time in future, try choosing “MME” host in Audacity’s Device Toolbar. Set Audacity Project Rate (bottom left) to 44100 Hz.


Gale, thanks for your attention, if I use Audacity and Windows Movie Maker at the same time I will try and use MME, and after using Movie Maker I will remember I must close it and restart the computer. However, I am very pleased to say that my Audacity is back at work, fully operational, and I can’t say exactly why… (Maybe the sound input cable connection, that I unplugged and plugged again a few times?).

In case you aren’t doing so, when you record the tapes in Audacity, choose the device you use for cassette recording by its specific name in the input box of Device Toolbar .

If you choose “Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input” or “Primary Sound Capture Driver” that is the default Windows sound recording device at any point in time. So,when you unplug your mic, if Windows doesn’t make your cassette recording device the default recording device, that would cause an error in Audacity.