Inability to record

I installed Audacity in my Laptop and there is no Waveout option to capture the audio from of the speaker downloaded from websites. The only 2 options that appear are mic and line in. What could be the problem? My laptop ha an integrated motherboard and does not have a separate sound card.

This is a limitation of the audio device driver - it seems that some manufacturers thought it would be fun to cripple the audio device in this way (DRM panic?)

If you are luck, there will be an updated driver that fixes it - if you’re not luck, then you’re out of luck.

Or you might consider buying an external USB or firewire soundcard - the Edirol UA-1EX or the Behringer UCA202 seem to work well with Audacty.

The Behringer is cheaper, the Edirol has more functionality - both have good electronics - and both have good customer support helplines.