Inability to record a complete song

I am trying to convert all of my ~200 45’s and ~100 33’s to CD. I had recorded 36 songs - the waves appeared to be recording the full song. However when I go back in to verify before moving the recordings to CD, the songs only go to the 6.0 on the track marker. I have been trying to accomplish this since Christmas 2010 when I received my TTUSB. Any suggestions?

You’ve posted in the "Programming and development section :confused:
Have a look here and if you still have a problem, please say what sort of computer you are using and what operating system.

Also, check which version of Audacity you are using - the recommended version is Audacity 1.3.13 which you can get here:

I’m puzzled
Are you talking about the Vertical Scale at the left of the blue waveforms, or about the recording (red) meter.

  1. If it’s the Vertical Scale the, ny default, it is a linear measure from 0.0 to 1.0/-1.0 max

  2. If its the meter thats in dB and goes from around -36 dB up to 0 dB (all values are negative)

So I don’t see whe “6.0” is coming from :confused:

A good level to aim for on the meters is -9.0 to -6.0 on the dB meters, -6 dB is roughly the o.5 level on the bouncing blue waves.

Once you have finished all your editing you can aways bring the sound level up with the Amplify effect - you can go all the way to 0 dB, but I prefer to leave a little headroom and Amplift to -3.0 for my production audio files (plenty loud enough).


Or are you saying you can only record the first 6 seconds of any song?