Inability to export multiple files

I have been using audacity to record LP’s to my hard drive. I record the entire side at once, then cut it into individual songs which I save. I downloaded the FFmpeg v0.6.2 which allowed me to do this, but it will only work ONCE. I have had to re-download and re-install the plug-in for each track I want to save…Anyone know what I am doing wrong?? Thanks.

FFMped does not have anything to do with multiple export. That’s done by Audacity. You put a Label at the front of every song you want by itself. Then File > Export Multiple and pick your sound format. [OK]. Audacity creates a pile of sound files according to your labels.

FFMpeg allows you many more and different export sound formats. It only kicks in at the end there.

What are you exporting that you need FFMpeg? This is the guy who runs past your office looking for the fire extinguishers and won’t tell you why.


Sorry if I am not being clear. I record my LPs as .wav files, then cut them into individual tracks. I guess I am not exporting them, just saving them to a different place after I edit them. If I want to put them on my phone or sansa, I convert them to mp3s.

I will try it your way…Thanks, CMP

I record my LPs as .wav files

Probably not. You record your LPs as Audacity’s internal sound format. If you want WAV files or any other kind of sound file, you have to File > Export to get them. Or File > Export Multiple, or whichever variation you use.

It is recommended that you produce the archive of your records in WAV, not MP3. MP3 is a delivery format and always creates compression damage when it works. It’s very difficult to edit an MP3 and make a new MP3, whereas WAV was designed to do that. So yes, MP3 is a perfect format for your personal music player.

FFMpeg doesn’t do any of those things. WAV is internal to Audacity and Audacity uses the “lame” software to produce an MP3. Only if you want one of the more exotic sound formats do you need FFMpeg. FFMpeg works both ways, you may need it to open up a foreign, exotic file, not just make one.


Many thanks. I did not download the LAME file, I will give it a go. I appreciate your help. CMP