In step 2.. In set up, Windows 7

Hello , can anyone help me please ?? I am setting up this Audacity software , but ran into a snag… in step 2 ( devices ) I cannot get the USB Audio Controller or the USB Audio Codec in the drop down in the recording area… I have closed the software and opened it as stated , but no help ?? Those two things will not appear in the drop down ?? Any advice ?

What is the USB audio device that you are trying to use? (Note that most USB electronic keyboards are MIDI devices and not audio interfaces)

Assuming that you are using a USB audio device:
Check in the Windows Sound Control Panel to see if Windows recognises your USB audio device. If Windows does not recognise it try rebooting. If Windows still does not see your USB audio device, check that the device is connected correctly.

Steve , It is an Audacity 2.0 , I bought it in one of those junk books that come in the mail. I am using it to copy cassettes of my fathers with the big band music from the forty’s ! I did click on all things in the drop down and it did record it , but about 20 seconds of the song was very low then you could see when it got louder by the sound graph , I would still like to get the correct thing that the directions say to put in the drop down if possible… This thing looks like a walkman cassette player , it didn’t even come with a power cord… It runs on two AA batterys… Kinda cheap , but it does load into my laptop… I am no computer wizard ! This was pushing the limit of my capabilities !! Hahaha… Would you know of another device that is available that is better made for cassette to computer without breaking the bank ? Any suggestions ?? I will use this but I would like an upgrade … Thank you , Mattd1659

We don’t make hardware. Audacity® is the registered trade mark of the Audacity multi-track audio software.

Were these the instructions that came with the cassette player? If so, then they probably have nothing to do with us so I don’t know what instructions you are following.

Recording from a USB cassette player is much like recording from a USB turntable, so perhaps these instructions in the Audacity manual will help:

If you already have a hi fi cassette deck that has “line” or “AUX” outputs, then you connect that to a “Line” input of an inexpensive sound card and the quality will probably be better. Note that most laptop computers only have a “Mic” (microphone) input and not a “Line”, but most full size computers have a Line input, and for laptops you can get inexpensive USB (external) sound cards.

Ok Steve …thank you very much , when I get a chance I will check these solutions , Thanks again , Matt