In Simple Terms for an Old Skool Dummy

Hi Guys,
I am a huge vinyl junkie and collect rare soul and reggae 45s. I have been asked me to make a few mix CDs. I don’t beat mix so that overlap function on iTunes is perfect. Trouble is, although it overlaps on my iTunes when I play it back on CD its not mixed. Can I do this with Audacity? Of course I can but how?
Can anyone help?
Thanks a million…

There’s a host of help files here that will probably explain better than we can

Note in particular the one called “How can I split a long recording into multiple files or CD tracks?” (you will need to do that).

Try not to be too ambitious straight away, have a bit of a play with small files to familiarize yourself with Audacity.

There’s also walk through here for transferring tapes, which is similar in all except that you will be taking the input from a record.

If you have a hi-fi type record deck, then taking the “record out” from your amplifier and connecting to the “Line In” of your computer is the way to go. (“Line in” NOT “Mic in”)

Thanks for that… I’m gettin there slowly… I may be back… :unamused: