In Need Of Music Recording Advice

I am an amateur Hip-Hop music producer. I have been doing it for maybe a little less than a year. I heard that Audacity, FL Studio, and MixCraft were good programs to use as far as recording. Unfortunately, as I have not been doing this for a long time (mostly off and on projects) I dont have the proper necessary equipment. At the moment, all I really have is a USB microphone, laptop, and Audacity program. I know I am lacking the important things.

My microphone doesnt really give me any problems as far as recording. It does fine as far as not picking up a lot of background noise. The problem that I have ran into is mostly that the sound isnt clear. It doesnt contain an outrageous amount of static and Ive had static in some music that was no problem eliminating. Its more like, it sounds as if the vocalist is five feet away from the microphone, only a little clearer. I dont have soundproofing equipment, but I have tried the sock trick (Ive heard that a clean sock could be a “pop filter”).

I actually have two questions and I would highly appreciate any and all advice, tips, or tricks! I love doing music!

Question One: How can I fix the kind of vocal problem stated in the second paragraph?

Question Two: Are there any tricks to soundproofing a small enclosed space (closet sized) with everyday household items, such as covers, blankets, fabrics, ect,.?

Let’s start with what kind of microphone you have.
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