In Need of Help

Problem importing WAV files from my digital 8 track. I try to import Raw data of tracks i recorded but when they show up on audacity there blank…

What sort of 8 track?
How do you import?
What format are the files that you are trying to import?
How is the 8 track connected to the computer?
Have you read the manual for the 8 track?

Fostex MR-8 mk II there via itunes but i can change them to wma but when i try to play them through any of the two it they wont play. Plugged in via usb E drive

Import by file>import>raw data>song> track (i.e m00802) etc…

I am no longer in possesion of the manual though i could find it online but i’ve been using it for a long time and i’ use to upload music from it to audacity this way all the time. Factoring in that it was an earlier version don’t know if that makes a difference or not. It’s definetely never done this before so very confused lol xD

Its on an signed 8 bit PCM encoding… Mono channel, audio host: MME. When i hit the import on that display. Blank timeline. 32 bit float 44100 HZ display on the interface

See page 118 and 119 in the Fostex MR-8 user manual to export as WAV.
WAV files can be imported into Audacity: File menu > Import > Audio