in Compressor: instead of 0db, -0.03db

To be safer against ‘true peaks’ that might go above 0 [and avoid an extra operation with another plugin]:
Change in Compressor plugin:
“make-up gain for 0db after compressing” >>into >> “make-up gain for -0.03db after compressing”
[…or make the value freely assignable as in ‘Limiter’ and ‘Normalize’ plugins].

Doing experiments with Normalize, -0.03db leaves some ‘true peaks’ but I don’t think they are relevant…
Best would be each user chooses the value.

[as discussed in ‘RMS compressor’ proposal, this is for extremely compressed music eg metal or dance, not for audiobook ‘rules’]

Honestly these ‘invisible’ peaks had not caused me any problems before, idk if it’s just a theorethical concern, I never notice any ‘distortion’ on previous edits saved at ‘normal’ 0db peaks [which when coded to eg ogg leave traditional-‘not invisible’ peaks over 0db, and these ‘more real’ than ‘true peaks’ also cause not discernible distortion [again this is not classical music I’m talking about].
So the whole ‘true peaks’ maybe it’s not worth bothering, idk…

To avoid clipping in your exported files, use the “Normalize” effect as the last effect prior to exporting.

I know [or it can be done with Limiter], [and i also know about macros…]
that’s why i said in the 1st post ‘and avoid an extra operation with another plugin’

it’s like if Limiter didn’t have that control ["Limit to (db) __ ] [and the only option were 0db like in Compressor], and one suggested the control to be added, and were told 'use the “Normalize” effect after Limiter if you want lower than 0db.

Of course doable using various plugins, _as aludeded in the posts, so it’s not asking: how to do __?; it’s a proposal for forum section ‘Adding Features’,
in this case add a similar control to Compressor like the one present in ‘Limiter’ and ‘Normalize’ plugins… [or let -0.03 instead of 0db if that’s easier to implement than the full control].

OK, thanks for your suggestion.