in-coming sound of phone call hard to recognize

I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium on hp computer.
I installed Audacity from the audacity-win-2.0.3.exe
I’m using Audacity to record outgoing phone call on gmail, that is, I use “call phone” on gmail to call my friend who is using land-line phone.
I am using a stereo head-set.

I am able to record the conversation but the problem is that the sound of my friend is very low and very hard to recognize.

the setting I have now is: MME, Speakers (Realtek High Definition), Microphone (Realtek High Definition)

Guess I am missing something.

Thanking for your help!

You are recording the outgoing voice. There is no provision in most software to record the incoming voice. That comes under the provision of many state’s (in the case of the US) wiretapping laws.

Anybody who gets any “far” voice at all is usually recording the headset leakage, bone conduction, echo, or other error in the sound system. It’s usually so low and distorted that software can’t bring it back to life. Podcasting people run into this regularly. “How can I record both sides of my interview?”

I’m writing one way to do it with relatively inexpensive hardware and a cellphone and another way with very expensive hardware and any comm software. A few people manage to do it with appropriate management of the sound channels inside the computer and Audacity, but those are rate. You usually kill Skype or the voice software when you do that. They all work in similar ways.

Try recording Stereo-Mix or What-U-Hear and not the headset device. Set that in Audacity > Edit > Preferences >Devices, or Windows Control Panels.

Total Recorder for Windows can be made to record both sides of a conversation and I think there are a few others. Pamela for Skype is designed to do this for Podcasts and other recordings.