In Audacity 2.5 Audio units effects settings not being saved

Good day. Due to a problem I have deleted the preferences files and reinstalled Audacity which cleared up a playback problem I was having. Now however if I use audio units to effect a track the settings are not saved. Example: I have a stereo track and want to put reverb on it. I love the apple matrics verb so I set it for large mix 100 percent and wet dry about 25 percent and medium hall. When I preview the effect it sounds great. Once I apply the setting it reverts to it’s original settings. If I use the built in audacity verb the settings save correctly. This also happens with EQ. It seems like the built in effects work well but audio units aren’t saving settings. Thoughts?

Yes it appears to be a bug introduced in 2.0.5, sorry. Repeat Last Effect only uses the default settings, so is not a workaround. I’ll report the problem.


Gale, thanks for the reply. Thos effects are really excellent and I look forward to having them back. I do also like the verb included with Audacity. Nice!!!

I think Leland has fixed it. If you can, please try this build and let us know: .