improving voice quality

Is there any chance to improve the following samples.
1- I think this sample comes from a cassette which has been saved with low bit rate.

2- I think this sample is a radio (because it goes up and down) which has been recorded to a cassette.

I got a slight improvement in cristpness with an equalizer curve (attached), but Audacity can’t do forensics. We can’t do the cops and robbers TV show trick of opening trash and magically making it better.

The sampling is very poor and in addition to the other problems.

Effect > Equalization. Click and move the points around until it looks like my graphic.

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 9.49.08 AM.png

For which one you applied that?
Can you state what are the problems? I mean at the beginning of the first sample, there is a noise sound. What do you call it? a figh frequency noise or low frequency noise? From the curve, you are trying to improve the voice frequency, however the so called noise at the beginning of the first sample still exists.