Improving vocals

I’m working with pop songs trying to boost the “presence” of vocals, bringing them more to the front. I’ve applied an EQ boost of about 3 dB between 200 to 2.5 Hz and it seems to help. Question is…is there a better way? Different settings for male vs female voices?

Try the Limiter Effect

With the make-up gain it can boost the loudness without distortion. It’s a kind of dynamic compression, often used to bring-out the vocals in a mix. Or with the soft or hard-clipping settings it will distort and that can add “grit”.

Presence is higher than that: it’s 4kHz to 9kHz * (approximately).
Need a real-time equalizer plugin, e.g. Graphic Equalizer Plugin, 16-Band, Lin-Phase [VST, AU, AAX] - Marvel GEQ - Voxengo

[* If you boost that range in a vocal you’ll probably need a de-esser plugin .]

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