Improving telephone quality recording

Hi there,
Using Windows 7 - Audacity 2.0.6 - the .exe installer

First off thanks guys for offering such a great service! Could you advise me on something please. I have recently recorded an interview over the telephone and am struggling with trying to make the other person’s voice sound clearer. Have attached a sample - could you help please?
Many thanks!

Do you know the expression about sow’s ears and silk purses?
I think that’s the case here.

recorded an interview over the telephone

Actually over a cellphone, not a telephone, right? Were you running software that claims to be able to record both directions? Most recording applications will not record the far end. Personal Recorder will not record the far end.

It sounds like you are recording the echo-cancellation leakage, not the real voice. It was very low and you had to boost it, right? Once you get a voice like this it’s pretty hopeless.

I’ve been known to use a special ear microphone and stand-alone recorder for real bi-directional recording.

I thought I had a sample here somewhere. It comes out far clearer than what you have and you can record from any kind of phone. The Olympus TP7 needs the special adapter connectors, but the TP-8 just plugs right into any computer or computer-like device.


See, I’m not making this up. These test clips are raw. No processing.