Improving sound

Does any of you have any suggestions as to how I can improve the sound of my voice. I want it to sound like on the radio (warm big and up close) and not metalic as it does on a standard recording. This guy uses Cakewalk to achived it: (go to 2:30) and I was wondering if anything similar can be achieved with audacity?

You mean “Radio Compression”?
Yes, you can do that really well using Chris’s Dynamic Compressor plug-in for Audacity.

YES! I will look into it tomorrow. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Also, a really typical effect used in radio is a bass boost, which is under Audacity’s Effect menu. Playing around with that might surprise you at how “radio-like” your voice becomes. For basic podcasts, I used to do a bass boost, slow it down a little, and Bob’s your uncle.

Great thx for the advice.I will try it soon. Until now the dynamic compressor works wonders, but am looking forward to tweaking my girlish voice more :slight_smile: