Improving Sound Finder


I did look at the .ny code, and my hats off to you and others who can manage it. Since the main loop is defined (it seems to me) based on just the minimum sound and minimum silence parameters, I can see why there is no easy way to introduce a maximum sound parameter, as you suggested.

So, I looked for another way, and eventually came up with a work-around. It involves collecting both long duration and short duration silence labels (labled now with thanks to your help here:, exporting them to Excel, and then running some VBA to generate the desired region labels.

Below is an application to the same problem I mentioned in my original post. In the image below, I’ve repeated that previous image on top, for comparison with the region labels generated using my work-around.
Notice that the region originally labeled “017” now is broken into 3 regions, as desired. To do this my routine prioritizes the longer silence labels over the shorter ones, but choses the shorter ones to comply with both a minimum and maximum sound duration.

While a plug-in would be cleaner, this gives me a way to solve my problem.