Improving recording of my mum

This is a blatant and cheeky request for help. Worked in IT for 35+ years and developed computer games back in the 8/16-bit days so I “get” audio but I’m not a specialist by any stretch of the imagination esp. when it comes to processing.

Mum passed away recently and she used to sing in the church choir. We have a recording that we’d love to play at the funeral but the quality isn’t great.

I hope I’m not breaking any etiquette here by posting a link asking for suggestions what effects might help? I guess we’ve got echo from the big room?

Very much thanks in advance…

I’m sorry to hear that you lost your mum. :frowning: She had a very beautiful voice so I see why you want to share…

So the recording is a little uneven. I would set the pan to 40% left, gain to around 7 and remix.

Do you have the original recording? Each time you encode to MP3, you lose quality. So when you are done you might want to export to WAV instead of MP3. (Keep your MP3 as a backup, though).

The chamber echos on the original recording. I know of no way to remove these.

Intelligibility. Typically what is done is run it through a high-pass filter. I used 600Hz but others here have greater experience. Even so, I don’t think you are going to make the recording intelligible. May I suggest creating a karaoke-style screen flashing up the words to the hymn?

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply. I’ll have a go with your suggestions later. The recordings are on CD-ROM and ripped using Windows Media Player. I’m assuming there will be a way to rip the raw WAV uncompressed variant with a 3rd party tool?

Later… found Exact Audio Copy which can extract to FLAK…