Improving quality of old vocal recording

I have tried Noise removal along with a few other effects such as compressor. I have gotten rid of most of the buzz, but the recording still sounds less than “full-bodied.” Granted this recording was made outdoors and back in 1975, but I was hoping to improve the quality. Would someone like to try to fix the attached sample and then give me directions as to how you did it? Assuming, that is, you can. The attached sample is the original; it’s not one I’ve worked on.


  1. Tracks > Stereo to Mono

  2. Normalize with DC offset enabled.

  3. Notch filter - “q” = 8.
    Frequencies: 43, 60, 120, 178, 296, 533.

  4. Noise Removal:

  5. Compressor:

  6. Amplify to -1 dB